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There are new Kofax Technical Support tools coming soon. For current details, please go to the Upcoming Technical Support Tools Information webpage.


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Kofax Customer Portal

The Kofax Customer Portal is the online Case submission and tracking method available 24x7 for all customers. The Kofax Customer Portal allows eligible contacts to enter new Web-based support Cases, receive responses to their existing Web-based support Cases, and review their existing Web-based support Case history online.

The latest Guide to the Kofax Customer Portal will help you to successfully navigate and use the Kofax Customer Portal.

You must request a Kofax Customer Portal login (using the hyperlink below) in order to access the Kofax Customer Portal. Once a new Case has been submitted, the eligible contact should receive an update notification via email within one business day of their Kofax Customer Portal submission. (Click here to see the list of Kofax Technical Support holidays.)

For companies that have a current 24x7 support contract, please contact your designated Kofax Technical Support group, by telephone, if you have an urgent issue.